Monday, October 21, 2013

What should I buy Next?

Its been a very tight month on capital, I cannot allocate much.
I am looking at SYY or BP to invest capital around $1000
I always look for PE ratio well below 20.
Currently I don't own any Food industry in my portfolio.

What would be a good buy in this market?


  1. Hi Dividend Mom, Welcome to the dividend blogging world!

    You have a prettty good portfolio set up. A couple stocks I'd suggest looking into currently are Aflac (AFL) and Harris Corp (HRS) because they currently have great valuations despite great recent run ups in price. The dividend yields are lower so for some investors these two won't meet their individual criteria. Not sure what your investing criteria is besides the lower than 20 P/E.

  2. I vote for BP. Your portfolio could use a little energy, plus it's attractively valued, plus it's due for a dividend increase before year's end, plus you can't beat that starting yield. If you can stomach the "risk" of ongoing spill litigation (which in my mind is a non issue).

  3. I'm not too sure about SYY. Their EPS 10 year growth averages only 3.5% so they havent grown the company to be able to grow the dividend. That has caused the growth rate to drop to 4% and give them a payout ratio of 66%.

  4. I like BPL a good mlp good yield or some COP